Move fast, don't break things.

Rectangle brings fast-paced and rigorous Software Engineering together to enable your multi-cloud strategy.

Keep your cloud and data infrastructure under control. take sthe best parts of state-of-the-art approaches to cloud, AI and data engineering and adds its own innovations.

Natively multi-cloud.

We build abstractions above cloud providers so that you don't have too. You will never be vendor-locked again.

The Only Sovereign is you.

You decide where you host data and applications. Only you. We make it trivial for you to deploy on European cloud providers.

{ Fast, Correct, Compliant } - Choose three.

Historically, AWS and GCP ruled the world. This time is gone. Rectangle allows you to have a 100% European multi-cloud infrastructure.

Visualize your cloud and data infrastructure.

Rectangle's data platform configures and supercharges dbt's capabilities for your team including its documentation and visualization capabilities..

Tailored for you.

Have custom requests? We work together with you to customize our platform to your specific use case.

From scientific research to business intelligence.

Our approach to data and cloud engineering acknowledges the needs of a high diversity of stakeholders from research scientists to decision makers.

Don't cut corners. Think out of the box.